DM series is a series of electric vehicle batteries. Depending on the application state, the DM series can be fully charged and has good performance and variable pavement performance over the application cycle.

Capacity, high energy: the use of special technology, its capacity is greater than 100%. Specific energy of 35-38wh / kg.

Self-discharge rate is very low: the use of high-quality alloy grid, ultra-pure electrolyte, self-discharge rate is minimal, very few water loss.

Long cycle life: high response rate of sealing, with long life characteristics. Under normal use up to 400 times.

Safe and reliable: the use of unique design of the safety valve, the use of durable, superior safety performance.

Fully sealed anti-leakage structure: stable, reliable, any direction of the liquid will not place the phenomenon of leakage, not only has the advantages of fully sealed valve control, but also has the characteristics of maintenance.

Optimized design: the use of button cover, the battery maintenance more convenient, regular maintenance can extend the service life of 50-100% or longer.