LiFePO4 Batteries Series

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    LiFePO4 Battery Series

    • High voltage platform, average voltage battery is 3.7V or 3.2V;
    • High power density, light weight, average 1/5-6 weight of lead-acid batteries
    • More than 6 years of service. 10,000 times of charging and discharging with 1C DoD.
    • High power endurance, battery can be charge and discharge in 15 ~ 30C, which is convenient to high strength start-up and acceleration.
    • Low self-discharge rate : ≤ 5%/ month
    • Wide working temperature, easy run in low temperature environment(-20℃ ~ -60℃ );
    • No gas in charging and discharging, the current efficiency is close to 100%.

    Applications : Home Energy Storage System, Factory Energy Storage System, Solar energy and wind power storage system,Photovoltaic energy storage system, Mobile communication base station energy storage system, Backup power supply, Distributed Energy Storage System, Optical Standby Power Supply, Power grid energy storage system, Substation energy storage system.