Optic Interactive Whiteboard DB-0177MRW

Optic Interactive Whiteboard DB-0177MRW
Optic Interactive Whiteboard DB-0177MRW Optic Interactive Whiteboard DB-0177MRW
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DB-0177MRW Optic Interactive Whiteboard-Mobile type


● Easy operation, the operation mode is the same as what you do on computer.  
● No need to have long learning course, the software is easy and just what you need to use.  
● Durable structure, the durable surface is magnetic can be used as a projector screen and a white board. Hardness is more than 8H, and pencil, nails, even knife cannot damage the surface. 30 years guarantee.

● A really good and practical board suitable for daily and hard working place.
● It is not only idea product for school, office, also can be application to shops, hotels, hospitals, broker house, let people interaction so easy so good.


● Functional with writing, adjusting writing or drawing style and with colorful image.

● It has optional built-in function, can switch background to green board, staff board, graph board, and so on.

● It can work with Power Point file, with multi-page switching, remarking or inserting image, and save them as a PPT file.

● With art function like using a pencil, highlighting marker, even with delicate style as using a Chinese writing brush.

● You can wipe off your picture totally in a time or partially.

● Function of zoom in, zoom out and spot light.

● Screen has small keyboard, can key-in numbers, text, link to the website or making note, and save it as a JPG file.

● Fast and accurate 9 points calibration, easy to calibrate and only have to do once with one computer.

● Low power consumption / Low voltage device

● Hardness surface and could be put on magnet and using marker writing on it directly and clean easily.

● 30 years warranty for boards, and 2 years warranty for CMOS and Stylus.

● Can use stylus for long time and fingers won't feel painful.

● When writing with stylus won't be affected by different angle and with good durability and drop shatterproof.

● Ulta-short focus design can create quick reaction, no shading issue.

● Exclusive optical technology, maintenance free, fast service.

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